Art, Literature and Music

By: Macy
  • Most literature in the Shang dynasty were engraving in cattle scapulae (shoulder blade)
  • Shang people believe that they can tell the future if they read the cracks they create with a bronze tool
  • Then they would engrave the prophecies in to the bones and later on compare them with real events


  • Most Shang dynasty art work are made from bronze metal
  • They also craved jade with the same pattern as the bronze metal
  • Most of the bronze metal were used for rituals
  • Most of these bronze work are used during banquets or a death of an elite personal
  • Most of these bronze work were created to record their history


  • Drums were the main instruments used
  • most instruments were made from bronze
  • bells were another common instrument
  • bells were the first instrument invented

bronze metal work
Jue, Ritual Wine Vessal