Chola Empire
Southern India - 800s C.E. to 1279 C.E.
By Megan and Bianca
Mentor - Anne Rycabel

The Chola Empire was located in Southern India during the 9th to 13th centuries. The Cholas had a very complex government system and with it a strong economy. Their empire remained strong because of this as well as their trading relations. The Cholans also conquered the surrounding regions and under Rajaraja I (reign. 984 - 1014) the Chola empire occupied all of Southern India. However their empire came crashing down through the attacks of the Pandyas and the rise of the Pandyas and Hoysalas.


chola_map2.pngChola Empire just at the end of the height of its power (approximately 1100)

The Chola Empire under Rajendra I (reign. 1014 - 1044). The grey area is occupied by the Chola empire and the purple are places that the Cholas have been - usually trading expeditions.

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