The civilizations of the past can help us get a better learning of how they were successful or how they made their mistakes if we didn’t have the past then we wouldn’t have the life we have today. There are a lot of things that we learned in the past that help us improve our future. There was a lot of invention in the past that we used to our advantage in our everyday life now. The importance of the rise and fall of the people in the past help us develop and improve our life styles.

The diseases that were identified in the past helped us learn to improve our medication and technologies. In the Shang dynasty people suffered from cavities and other mouth diseases. They also suffered from bone disorders. Most people from the past also died of an early age. In our generation we live a longer time then they did in the past, because we all know how to keep our bodies healthy, and we have medications that help us cure illness; Dentists that treat our teeth, if we have any problems. The past was no different from us now, but in the past they didn’t have the advancement in research and technology we have today.

Growing crops in the past help us develop more useful equipment to harvest the crops. During the Shang period farmers would use animals like oxen to help them plow their fields. Now we have machines and other means of technology to make plowing fields easier. During the harvest period the Shang people had to harvest all their crops with their hands, but now we have wheat machines to harvest all of our wheat. When the Shang people harvest their crops they took a great deal of time and effort just to harvest a whole field. Most of the year’s farmers in the past couldn’t always grow crops because they had droughts that lasted for years, and that caused them to be unable to grow any crops. In our generation we have the technology to help us do everything in an easier and faster way.

The art work that was produced in the past helped us learn what they have achieved and what their mistakes were in the past. Most of the Artifacts found in the Shang period have a lot of historical background to them. Most of the history about this dynasty was mostly recorded on artifacts found in the past. These artifacts are the key information that we have to learn about the people from the Shang dynasty. Some artifacts gave us information about who was the one that establish Shang dynasty and who ended it. If we didn’t have this information we wouldn’t know how the people survived. More importantly if there weren’t any artifacts we wouldn’t even know that this civilization existed.

In conclusion we learned a lot from the past to help us develop a better future. If we haven’t found the information about this civilization we wouldn’t have had all this knowledge we have now. We developed better technology from the information we achieved and used it to our advantages. If it weren’t for the past we wouldn’t have the life we do today.